Pure Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

Find out why our Argan oil for skin and hair is the best ever!

Argan oil has long been valued by Moroccans for centuries for its nutritional benefits. Native Moroccans value the nutty-flavored oil as a condiment and is often used in salads and as a dip for breads. Aside from producing edible nuts, its tree also provides shelter, helps protect from desertification, and leaves edible fruits for animals, especially goats. In recent years, however, the oil extracted from the argan tree becomes popular as a therapeutic and nourishing oil.

With a higher concentration of vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids than olive oil, the oil is a great product to moisturize dry skin and hair. Even Hollywood celebrities have sworn that the oil is a miracle skin worker. If using argan oil for skin, it is best to apply it after taking a shower to help lock in moisture and better absorb the oil into the skin. It can be used just like an ordinary lotion or moisturizing cream. It also adds moisture and adds a little shine on the hair. When using argan oil for hair, apply it by pouring a small amount on your palm and gently applying it to the dry ends of your hair. Use a cotton ball when applying it on dry scalp.

While some may consider it too heavy for the face, many women have tried it as a daily morning moisturizer and have achieved that clear, smooth, and radiant look. Make sure to consult with your dermatologist first before applying the oil on your face and skin to prevent any allergic reactions to the oil.

Hundreds of argan oil reviews are circulating online due to the ever-increasing popularity of this Moroccan product. Its rarity makes it a mid-range cosmetic product, but concentration and the small amount needed in applying it on the skin help with the slightly expensive cost. If you want to try it as a beauty treatment, make sure that you are purchasing the original product from Morocco. Check if the Better Business Bureau certifies the dealer, and Ecocert, an organization that supplies organic certifications, has certified the product. Check for telling signs that the oil is fake, such as the bottle, the ingredients, and the price. The oil also has a nutty smell, so taking a whiff of the oil from a tester bottle should give you an idea if the oil is indeed from the original manufacturer or not.

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